Redefining health for all people through technology

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To redefine health through technology

In 2020, our lives were upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. During the major transition from now to the post-COVID era, we are paying close attention to the changes underway so we can use technology to create an environment where people can lead their lives with peace of mind.


Promote the health and welfare of all people

To create a sustainable society, we seek to achieve universal health coverage (UHC) and, through our business, to contribute to society, the environment, and the economy. By leveraging technology, we are moving forward to provide good, affordable services.



Speed is the most basic element for producing added value. We work to stand out from other companies by promptly providing customers with the services they want. To respond quickly to the changes happening in the world and to lead the market, ICheck needs the skills to do in one month what other companies take a year to accomplish. Speed is on our mind as we act quickly.


To grow a large business, we need a setting where each person can be energetic and fully exploit their capabilities. If even one of them has low motivation, it affects the others. We must create an environment where we can separate our professional and private lives and always live up to customer expectations. We seek to make that setting a dynamic one that encourages us to constantly improve.


When an organization unites to engage in business collaboratively, the results can multiply. Boosting team solidarity also gives members a greater sense of accomplishment. Each one of us feels like part of a team so we can combine our capabilities to achieve objectives.


By improving on one's strengths, the entire company can grow large. It's also important to compensate for shortcomings. However, it's a wonderful thing if you can take advantage of your strengths to eventually land your dream job. When one person upskills, it influences other members, too. We explore our company's potential by making our individual skillsets stronger.


We are in an era when systems and AI can handle predefined routine tasks. We must be able to respond quickly, whether through action or analysis, to adapt to the moment with quick thinking. Also, we need the skills to take the appropriate steps according to the changes happening in any given situation. To reach the best answer, we adapt to the requirements of any moment.



ICheck project to reform values concerning health

ATest kit project

COVID-19, cancer, adult diseases, allergies, STDs, others

BHealth marketplace project

Sales of private select brand, sales in health/beauty/presymptomatic/medical treatment

CHealth platform project

Vaccine passport, wearable devices, biodata

DBtoB project

Test result digitalization service

Brand rollout




ICheck Co., Ltd.

Representative Director

Kenichi Kaneko


287 million yen (capital reserve: 138 million yen)

Phone number



December 10, 2020


5th Floor, Yurakucho Bldg.,
1-10-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0007




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